Alternative Therapies to Chemotherapy (rolling my eyes!!)

Article written by Dr R Srivastava in The Guardian (Australia). Great article.

Alternative Medicine and Chemotherapy

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Rohit Joshi

I am a doctor who helps people deal with cancer with diagnosis and management of the illness (chemotherapy, biological agents, immunotherapy and hormonal agents).

One thought on “Alternative Therapies to Chemotherapy (rolling my eyes!!)”

  1. As a cancer patient, you should hear what is often recommended to us by those we previously thought were reasonably intelligent individuals and friends. Sometimes they become so stuck in trying to get you to try Marijuana for a cure or yes I have heard the essential oils one too…now its Bi carb soda! I have got most to just shut up by telling them that I have a grandchild to raise and would like to be around for him as long as I can, so I won’t be experimenting with ridiculous theories. I will stick with the Doctors who dedicate their work and time finding a cure, Then I usually ask what is their proof besides reading it somewhere and what cancer was “cured”. Was it agressive? was it curable? Which usually elicits blank stares babble or just plain silence! Was it just the alternate therapy or was it a combination of traditional therapy and the new one? If it was both, how can they say they were cured by that alone and sentence people desperate for a cure and willing to try anything off to what could be the thing that makes a cure become out of reach?

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