Oncology and Sympathy

Most people who realize that I work with people who have cancer patients, are quite sympathetic towards me. Their logic is that most patients would die with cancer. The problem is that most people never hear about the brighter side of oncology care. They rarely hear about patients who are cured and live long and fulfilling lives. They never hear about women and men, who go through chemotherapy and go on to have children and families.

Oncology is a good field. I can cure some. Give hope to others. Care for all of them.

What does the doctor feel?

I realize that most patients and their relatives are petrified by the first appointment with their cancer doctor. A fair number of times, they have not been clearly told about the diagnosis. Getting an appointment to meet a doctor at a Cancer Centre is so daunting. Most people stop hearing anything, once they hear the Cancer word.

Ever wonder what the doctor must be feeling at the start of this terrible conversation?

Cancer, Sex and Intimacy

Poignant article from the ABC on this serious, yet not discussed about topic.

This is something which affects several people, yet not much information is available about this. Most people will not talk about it, as it is not the main issue. The problem is that this adds up to the rest of the stressors of life. Several relationships break down due to problems during or after cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Worth discussing this in more detail with your cancer specialists.

Cancer, Sex and Intimacy