How is an InfusaPORT inserted?

We are increasing using InfusaPORTs for chemotherapy, immunotherapy and biological agents. Treatments are used long terms and trying to find an intravenous access is a pain for the patient and the nurse. PICC lines or InfusaPORTs are the way forward.

The issues with an InfusaPORT is that a surgical procedure is required to insert as well as remove it. The advantages are numerous – no need of a dressing or lines sticking out of your arm. Easy to maintain. Needs a flush every 4 – 6 weeks. Cosmetically much better. Chances of infection are much lower.

I have attached a video of an InfusaPORT insertion for your interest.

PICC and InfusaPORT insertion

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I am a doctor who helps people deal with cancer with diagnosis and management of the illness (chemotherapy, biological agents, immunotherapy and hormonal agents).

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