Organ Transplantation in Cancer Patients

BBC article about organ donors and cancer patients. I have had several people with cancer who have pledged to donate their corneas after death. In a way they keep seeing through someone else’s eyes.

Are you an Organ Donor? Worth thinking about.

Register to become an Organ Donor in Australia. Each country would have their own donor registry.

Take Responsibility for your life!!

I have met a few odd people over the years. My emotions after encounters with these people can range from laughter, anger, frustration, despair, “face palm” and on and on and on.

The people who drive me up the wall the most are the ones who refuse to take responsibility for themselves. Everything is always everyone else’s fault. “Everyone is against me”. “No one helps me….. blah blah blah”.

Not sure if the flaw was not enough “discipline’ as a kid or too much “discipline”.

Doctors and nurses are there to help and support. All the time. Each time.

But people need to take responsibility. Find transport. Get your medications and take them. Attend appointments…. on time. Take care of your family members. Parents have taken care of us through our life… come with them for their important appointments and discussions. Support your children regarding difficult decisions.

The only one I can truly change is myself. Let me start with me.

How is an InfusaPORT inserted?

We are increasing using InfusaPORTs for chemotherapy, immunotherapy and biological agents. Treatments are used long terms and trying to find an intravenous access is a pain for the patient and the nurse. PICC lines or InfusaPORTs are the way forward.

The issues with an InfusaPORT is that a surgical procedure is required to insert as well as remove it. The advantages are numerous – no need of a dressing or lines sticking out of your arm. Easy to maintain. Needs a flush every 4 – 6 weeks. Cosmetically much better. Chances of infection are much lower.

I have attached a video of an InfusaPORT insertion for your interest.

PICC and InfusaPORT insertion