Life Insurance for Cancer patients

I meet so many people each week who have been diagnosed with cancer, yet have not accessed or discussed about their Superannuation.

In Australia, Super is intended to be kept as as the pension fund. There are special circumstances when Superannuation can be accessed earlier in life.

There are four main components of Insurance:

# Income Protection: Is the patient cannot work for a period of time, they can use their insurance to get a portion of their salary

# Trauma cover: Cancer, Heart attack and Stroke prompt a payout, while patients recover from this condition

# Total and Permanent Disability: a payout is made, when the patient can never return to work ever again (due to the condition)

# Terminal Illness: the final payout is made when the patient has died or has less than 24 months of life remaining

Very important to discuss this with your General Practitioner and Specialist. Having extra money in your bank is one huge stress taken off.

Best Web Site to verify Herbs and Supplements

The best website I use to verify herbs and supplements is Herbs and Supplements.

I use this site in clinic to help understand and clarify various things which patients and their families query with me. Day to day usage is via their app – About Herbs

Brilliant site – laid out for the Consumer and the Professional.

ps: I have no affiliation to MSKCC.