Adelaide Doctor takes on Australian Insurance Giant!!

A doctor from Adelaide, Australia has written an open mail to Medibank Private challenging their new rules for health insurance.

He has laid bare, what most doctors and health professionals have been thinking about. Well done Peter.

“Dear Medibank Private,
I, like many other health professionals, have just cancelled my insurance policy that my wife (Katrina Devonish) and I have maintained with you since 2002.
The cynical attempt by your company to save money by refusing to fund your members’ care for so-called “avoidable complications” is an abuse of trust towards those who believe your actions are in their best interest.
I received your letter regarding the breakdown of negotiations with the Calvary Hospital Network and the obtuse justification for why your clients will potentially be even more out of pocket when receiving private health care.
Whether this is the first step towards “USA style” managed care or just actuarial nonsense, I do not wish to put my family in the situation where we need to self fund for readmission (or joust for admission to a public hospital) should we suffer an unavoidable complication post-surgery. (The definition of “avoidable complication” we will need to agree to disagree at this juncture.)
I shall be spreading the message fair and wide and hopefully the sound of the thundering stampede of the mass exodus of your former members moving onto more ethical health funds may make you reconsider this ludicrous policy direction.
Yours sincerely,
Peter Devonish
Consultant Anaesthetist
Public and Private Health Sectors in South Australia”
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