Gestational Trophoblastic Cancer Chemotherapy

Affects younger women in the child bearing age. Monitored by checking HCG levels.

Usually chemotherapy with methotrexate is adequate.

If the hormones levels do not return to normal or keep rising, the patient needs to be switched over to the EMA-CO procotol – Etoposide, Methotrexate, Dactinomycin – Cyclophosphamide, Vincristine (alternating week regimen).

Curable diseases must always be treated.

KRAS mutation in colorectal cancer

KRAS mutation analysis is a vital part of the treatment algorithm for metastatic bowel cancer. The absence of the KRAS mutation means that medications like Cetuximab and Panitumumab can be used effectively in these patients.

Presence of the mutation does not always mean that these medications cannot be used. The mutation in G13D might still have benefit with Cetuximab (still under investigation).

Worth discussing with your Oncologist.

Decoding Annie Parker: Movie regarding the BRCA gene

Recently watched the movie “Decoding Annie Parker”. Was really touched by the movie. Not so much by the content, but for some reason it struck a chord with me regarding the suffering a person goes through. Recommend watching the movie. One of the most significant cancer discoveries in the past few decades. The determined Dr King and her team. The amazing Annie Parker. Well done.

Cancer is horrible and I hope that it would just disappear. The joy on the patient and their families faces, when we tell them that the disease has gone away. Hope the joy remains forever.

Best First Line HER2+ Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Regimen

The best first line chemotherapy regimen for a patient with HER2+ breast cancer is now Herceptin + Perjeta + Docetaxel. The data was presented recently in Madrid at the European Cancer Conference (ESMO) as part of the CLEOPATRA study. The data revealed a nearly 17 month survival benefit!!

It is so rare to see such massive benefits in cancer treatments that it would be hard for funding agencies to ignore this data.

Well done to all the patients, their families, friends and all the medical personnel who made this possible in collaboration with the pharmaceutical companies.