Generic versus Innovator Medicines

There are so many generic molecules available worldwide, yet we in Australia do not realize the extent of the same. In the past few months, the generic molecules are being pushed more by chemists (yet might charge patients/medicare for the innovator molecule).

Is there a true difference in the salt or preparation? I am really not sure. Would I use a generic for myself… probably not, would prefer the original molecule. My impression is that the big pharma guys who made the molecule, also invest heavily in removing impurities. This is hardly ever mentioned in the data presented. Everyone talks about the amount of the active pharmacological moiety, which needs to be at a concentration of at least 90%.

The biggest problem is the cost. Even after the big pharma have made their zillions on a molecule, yet flog the cost to a point that generics take over.

What do you think? I think it is a personal decision for people.

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Rohit Joshi

I am a doctor who helps people deal with cancer with diagnosis and management of the illness (chemotherapy, biological agents, immunotherapy and hormonal agents).

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